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Originally Posted by Rperini3 View Post
Done a few warm cruises but don't know what to except in Sept on our Princess cruise. Do you did to take a lot of warm clothes that time of year.
Alaska is the destination for spectacular scenery, wildlife, culture and viewing natural wonders but it isn't the "fun in the sun" destination like the Caribbean.

Having said that: Alaska's Inside Package isn't the frozen tundra. As Donna said; Layers are the key. It can go from the upper 40's to 80F in a day and you can start the day with rain and two hours later the sun is shining.

I would start with a light shirt and jeans/pants and then put a light sweater over that. I carry a backpack with a waterproof coat and rain pants. If you wear a waterproof coat you will be surprised at how warm you are. Depending on the temperatures and weather you can put on or take off what you need.

Many people pack the light rain ponchos that you can buy in a camping store. They work but they are mostly "one use" and have a tendency to tear, don't retain heat and are cumbersome to use, especially if it's windy.

I also suggest good walking or tennis shoes, sunglasses and a hat.

None of these things take up much weight in your luggage and you will be happy that you packed them.

I have cruised Alaska in September and never once pulled out the rain jacket and forgot the sunscreen and ended up with a bit of a sunburn.

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