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Gosh you guys have been around a bunch. But now My membary is comingback.

WW2 I did a bunch of flying. earlier iot was by train or bus in US. Then during the war I was assigned to Carribean Air Command at Albrook AFB, in Panama. As a staff member we had ACs assigned to us to visit most all the stations we had under our command, that included all of he Carribean island and all the countries in South America. We used mostly a C 47 you may call it a DC3. We used a C45 some times. During my service in the Air Force I have flown in many types of AC. Those included C54s, B17s, B29s C124s, and heck I can't remember all of them. I have never been air sick except one time. Right after the WW2 finished I had a crew to take to Galopagas to disarm an ammo dump. I had about 24 service men with me. We hit a hugh turbulance and all got sick. I got sick because I watch all the others do and so same for me.

Since the war I have flown in most of the other Civilian types of AC inluding DC3, 727, 737,747 777, most of the French planes and whats the name of the 3 engine one that dont fly any more? I am for sure loosing my mind. What can you expect for one getting close to 93.

I loved to fly then and now. So thats my story and I am sticking to it.
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