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Originally Posted by Joaquin View Post
Hello friends i have a question in my mind about computer i just want to ask you that i have been recently purchased a computer of new model and have all the latest features but i want to change the Processor of this computer would you tell me how i can change it...??
Sorry, but what you want to do is unlikely.

1) If it's a desktop, this is possible. If it's a laptop or a netbook, you'd have to have a very complete set of tools to get the thing open and get access to the CPU. Not something I'd recommend or even do myself, and computer operations is what I do for a living.

2) The CPU slot is tied to the type of CPU you are using. For example, and Intel CPU will not work in the slot for an AMD CPU. Likewise a Pentium IV CPU won't go in the slot for a Pentium III. There are upgrades which can be done, but they amount to upgrading to a slightly newer and faster version of the CPU you have now, which means no new features.

3) Even if you could do it, getting things back together is a problem. Are you aware that a special paste is required to make a good thermal connection between the CPU and it's heat sink? If you don't get a good connection, the CPU overheats, dies, and you have a nice plastic paperweight instead of a computer.

I strongly recommend you consider selling your old machine and buying a new one before attempting such an upgrade.

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