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You can certainly see stark differences in younger people today than in 'our' days which are pre-internet, cell phones, and so forth.

The youth of today have poor social skills because they text instead of talk, even when in the same room. They play internet games instead of sitting around a Monopoly board on the kitchen table with their friends and family on a Friday night. I read last week that a LAPD police academy instructor sees these problems manifesting among young officers and their increased use of force in situations where older officers would diffuse it with mere words. The young cops don't know how to cope with situations.

Today's youth is in miserable physical condition because they are sedentary where people of our age grew up outside, constantly running around playing baseball or riding bikes. We made money in the winter in upstate NY by shoveling out people's driveways and sidewalks. Nothing quite like a lifting a hundreds shovels full of wet snow for building upper body strength.
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