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Thanks for all the replies everybody. I am also very prone to motion sickness, so I'm pretty nervous about our first cruise. I find I don't get sick on deck, hmm, I wonder if the cabin staff would mind making me up a bed on the balcony if the boat is pitching?

I also get terrible dizziness after sailing. (Although I haven't been on a cruise before, I've done quite a lot of sailing on friends' boats.) It lasts for as many days as the sailing trip lasted. I didn't know travel meds were effective in treating that! Oh, if only I'd known I might have saved myself a lot of days spent lying in bed while the whole room went back and forth and round and round every time I shut my eyes. That is a really good tip!

Originally Posted by colorcrazie View Post
I am very prone to motion sickness. WHile the new, huge ships have very little movement, even there I can have a problem. So, I take ginger daily and if I start feeling just a tad dizzy, which, for me, is the very first hint of motion sickness, I take a meclizine. I carry them in a pocket.
One thing not mentioned here is that if you have ports where you have to tender into shore, using the smaller boats, you can run into a lot of motion, so on those days, I take the meclizine 1/2 hour before I get on the tender.
Thanks especially for mentioning this, Marty. I hadn't thought about the tenders.
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