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Originally Posted by Marc View Post

I didn't realize that travel agents were allowed to post their email addresses and websites on CruiseMates; when did the policy change?

Pete, you market too much.



I have never posted my email address - EVER. Nor have I posted my website, except in my very first two posts. And the only reason why I put a link then was because the cruise review section of this forum is way too restrictive in size and I could not post my entire reviews. Other than that, I've never posted my website in any post I've made - EVER. So you are wrong on both accounts.

As for marketing, I'm not advertising my services, nor have I EVER told anyone to call me or email me for pricing or to book anything, and I've never said at any time in any post that I would sell them anything - EVER on any forum anywhere. So you are wrong there, also.

The only thing I have ever done is provide my personal advice and offered assistance based on my vast knowledge and experience from being involved in travel for over 35 years. This is not marketing, it's simply offering information and if it helps someone plan a better vacation without problems, then that is great and I'm happy with it. If you feel that it's marketing when all I'm doing is offering to help educate someone who is looking for help, then your definition of marketing is different than everyone else's.

And yes, I am a Cruise Specialist. So what? A Cruise Specialist can offer information and insight that your average cruiser cannot offer. And that information comes with alot more experience than most people will ever have. Personally, I would appreciate someone offering me information to help me plan my vacation that would save me time, money, or make my trip easier and more enjoyable. But hey, that's just me.

You can take the information I provide anyway you want. Use it, ignore it, or consider it worthless. That's your prerogative. But until such time as I choose not to post anymore or until the Administrator tells me I have to leave the forum, I will continue to provide information in hopes it will be useful to someone.

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