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Default back from our first cruise on the conquest

Just arrived back home after a wonderful time on the Conquest the week of 9/16-9/23/12 and can only say it was better than we expected. This was our very first cruise ever and we are planning on going again in a couple of years. Our only, and I mean only complaint on the whole trip was the Punch Liner comedy club. The manager was rude, intoxicated, and would get very disrespectful of you if you just asked if you could wait until the door was free of people cramming to get out….they ask you to leave between shows, which creates a huge mass gathering of people right at the exit doors… which is dangerous as when they finally allowed people back in as we were walking to a table my wife was pushed to the floor by other passengers (who were intoxicated) and we saw others as well being pushed down and pulled back so folks could get a seat when we were attempting to go back in. We don’t understand why something so popular does not have a bigger venue…and safer….when I approached the manager after the show he was the rudest jerk I have ever dealt with and was (I have been in bar management in the past) intoxicated….and as a past bar manager you know employees should NEVER EVER drink…it is dangerous and this experience proved that…We plan on writing Carnival Corporate office about his as guest services I do not think really cared. Another issue was he was doing shots and as such it makes you feel less safe as if he is in charge of the area and something happens and he has had 3 or 4 shots that is a problem….other than that the rest of the staff on the ship were wonderful, the excursions were great and we would do it all over again…our ratings

Cabin (we had an extended cabin on deck 7 (7434): WOW
Jamacian excursion (Appleton Estate Tour): Was wonderful, the driver Mr. Taylor and the tour guide Lisa were wonderful
Grand Cayman excursion (by land and by seas): was ok, only part that we liked was the sea turtle farm (we did however become entertained by a couple sitting behind us wanting them to stop at Wendy’s as they said and I quote “the food on the ship is horrid” I have no idea what food they were eating…as no one else did as well…
Cozumel (Mexican Cuisine cooking class): WOW!!!! This was a wonderful experience!
Steakhouse: So worth it…we went on the 18th which was our 20th anniversary and it way beyond all expectations….
Room Service: Great
Dining Room servers: WOW…we loved it and requested the same server every night and lunch (we had my time dining) and he was (K was his name) WONDERFUL…

As a side note does anyone know a good address for a complaint about this issue to carnival to hopefully keep others from experiencing the problems we did…
Our first Cruise: Carnival Conquest 9/16/12 to 9/23/12

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