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Default Waiting for Donna's Pictures and Monday's rains

Can't wait to see what pictures Rollerdonna produces this morning. They've been so cute!

We're scheduled for rain and a lot of it. Truth be told, we could use some even though we're not dry but I'm sure Luanne and Jim would appreciate some although I don't know if they're on the "schedule."

Am off to run some mundane errands so although I don't really want to go out at all, I'll probably be "on the run" today and tomorrow beginning with dropping off my car at the body shop (it was hit in a parking lot and the sign of the person who did it it must have blown off the car ! They'll have a rental for me though. The damage wasn't severe but I'm the type who will not drive a car with the whole corner of the rear bumper pushed in.

Hoe everyone has a wonderful beginning to their week!
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