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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
I just got my response from RCI and they declined my request because of the balcony discount I get as a C&A member. Apparently for me, the only use the RCL shareholder benefit will have anymore is if I am in a standard cabin that I didn't book onboard (those have an OBC perk). Well...with a couple of exceptions I don't cruise in standard cabins.

I may well sell my RCL when it gets up in the 40s like it was a year or so back.
I receive a lot of my shareholder OBC from Celebrity & Azamara as well as RCI. The other lines don't have a credit similar to the RCI C&A early booking credit. also, if the shareholders credit is higher than the C&A credit you would get the difference.

But it is hard to argue about selling if it hits >40. Your profit can go a long way against OBCs.

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