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I was 28, I was single; I was not looking forward to the annual co-worker invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with their family; I HATE TURKEY. So, I contacted my last minute travel club to see about a cruise. I was able to get an inside cabin on the Britannis over Thanksgiving week; instant excuse to turn down Thanksgiving invitations.

I flew to Montego Bay to join the ship. I was put at a table for eight all of us single; all EXCEPT me canuck. I had a fantastic time. Sailed to Aruba, Cartagena, San Blas Islands, and Panama. Thanksgiving day was actually French night so I didn't have to eat turkey. I found out at end of cruise that all the canucks were staying on for another week at a resort in Montego Bay; I was tempted to call the boss and ask for another week off. Instead, I spent the day at the resort until my flight left and ended up booking the same resort for my 30th birthday two years later.

How can you forget your first cruise.

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