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Originally Posted by COTA View Post
Female, 48, looking for cabin mate for cruise from LA to Catalina and Ensenada - inside cabin priced at $400. Just want to split a double occupancy price. Please be polite, somewhat neat and friendly. I tend to retire around 11:00 and get up around 8:00 am.
hey cota, chandler here. i plan to take several cruises this coming year (because it looks like a good value, and i'm going to have the time). someone suggested that i take the quick carnival cruise (i'm stationed in long beach so it's close/easy) to check out 'cruising' and make sure i like it.

i'm polite, friendly, not a slob--and you/me are on about the same wake/sleep cycle. but (yeah, there's always a 'but', huh?) my dog goes where i go--which is okay with the cruise line(s) but it's the sorta thing i should mention upfront to someone considering sharing a stateroom.

if you want to communicate with me, off the message board, my e-dress is look forward to hearing from you. thanks!



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