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Originally Posted by saraha View Post
I applied to work on Carnival Cruise as an Entertainment Staff. I got a call back for an interview.
I am 5'5 and about 240 lbs. Considered overweight. Will they still hire me? I don't recall seeing any overweight staff when I was on my cruise in the Spring...
Am I just being paranoid? I am not ill or anything...not on any meds, etc.
I also sent in pictures when I if they looked at my resume, they would have known?
I too am overweight, so I know of what I speak......

The reality is that yes, in a competitive work environment especially one where appearance and Corporate image is so important your weight is going to negatively impact your employability.

I hate to sound harsh, but the truth is that you are not "considered overweight" you are (as am I) morbidly obese....The most simple of concerns is that your obesity WILL eventually take it's toll and have a negative impact on your health. Nobody wants to hire and be responsible for medical expenses of an individual that will statistically cost them money in the long run.

Most people think that fat people are slow, unmotivated, undisciplined, indulgent and lazy. It's not an image that can easily be incorporated into the high energy, high activity job requirements of the entertainment department.

You are competing against young pretty hard bodies. If you were the HR person and can be honest with yourself given the choice, who would you hire?

I've been on 27 carnival cruise and with the exception of the occasional Maitre' D or officer who has been slightly 20+ pounds overweight, I've only ever seen one crew member that was obese. She had something to do with the gift shops and I would estimate that she was at least 75lbs over ideal weight. 5'5" your ideal weight range should be 125 to's not too late to have your dream job, but you've got some work to do. Think of it as job training...find a meal plan that works for you and that will help you shed pounds, start purposefully exercising, even in small increments...I know that you know what needs to be done.....all obese people do......make up your mind to achieve your goal and then you will really have something to show off in your next call back interview.....

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