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Default Gift Certificate snafu

Oh my where do I start..........Well first off, I rarely complain. I often will take the time to write a short note or call someones boss to compliment them. But I just had to share this in an appropriate forum.

My parents and sister bought me gift certificates for my RC cruise, I leave next Saturday. It tried redeeming them in late September. One of my certificates for 50 dollars never got applied. To save time and not bore you all, suffice to say I just made my 5th call for a total call time of a little over and hour and a half with , so far, no results. There have been promises of calls, emails and yes we will help you, but no one has.

I am both amazed and appalled at the ineptitude of most everyone i have talked to. No one seems to be able to tell me why this last certificate has not been applied. It was paid for, I have the paper copy with all the authorization numbers etc, i have been told its valid, but it still has not been applied.

I have wasted time that I do not have to resolve this and just was curious if anyone else has had trouble redeeming their certificates for either onboard credit (which is what i am doing) or to pay for a cruise? I have read that people have had trouble and I asked for them from my family anyway. I have asked for this to be resolved within 24 hours and think i actually have someone this time that will help. I have also asked for some compensation in the form of onboard credit from RC for my time and aggrevation. They took the money, now will not apply it. Thanks for letting me vent!

Coral Princess
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