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Default Whoo Hoo AOS in 12 days!

Although we have cruised many times AOS will be our first B2B and I'm so excited I can barely breathe Although I rarely post here I always find great info so I'm hoping you can help. We have sailed all the other Voyager class ships (this is our first time on AOS) and each one is just a bit different so we are interested in hearing what is different on AOS. Does it have a wine bar like Mariner? We really liked the wine bar, . Does the casino have $5 single deck blackjack or is it all multi-deck? Did you love your cruise on AOS? If so, what made it so wonderful? We fully expect the cruise to be incredible but part of the excitement is hearing other's experiences. Please share the good, great or even if it wasn't quite what you had hoped.

Happy cruising!

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