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This exact same thing (well, almost) happened on a group cruise I did in 1992. It was a NASCAR fan cruise for Richard Petty, who had just retired. Initially our group was a full-ship charter on the Royal Majesty, but then a month away they suddenly swapped to the Westerdam with Holland America, and we did not have the whole ship so there were regular passengers aboard too.

So while we weren't waltzing around in women's underwear (to use a Christmas song parody), you did have a definite split of people who were largely southern and blue collar, and most on their very first cruise, versus the other HAL guests who were in the demographic of being retired or older professionals, experienced cruisers, and fairly well off financially. There were no incidents but it was not hard to sense the annoyance some had towards our group. It was a terrible fit but in our case the agency that handled it was responsible for screwing up the Royal Majesty deal and they went looking for any ship with space, and the Westerdam fit the bill.

Thus, it looks like Carnival has a pretty big train wreck on their hands with this cruise.
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