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With a name like 'briguy' you must have been in the Navy??

These new fare codes can be VERY confusing and yes, agents have been extremely busy explaining all of them to everyone. Definitely making our job harder.

The thing that irritates me is that Carnival is touting this as a way to make it easier for agents. Don't know who they're talking to, but all the agents I've talked to hate these new codes. I can understand why they want the new codes as a way to entice cruisers, but there are better ways to do it without creating all the confusion.

For new cruisers, it really gets confusing because they'll go onto the Carnival website (or some other website for that matter) and see a rate. They'll think it's a good deal, but not knowing all the restrictions associated with it. And of course if they want something specific, like connecting cabins for a family, they can't book some of the fare codes since a couple only provide 'guarantee' cabins.

Now you begin to understand why alot of agents I know are pushing clients away from Carnival. They simply do not want all the hassles and problems Carnival has imposed. And their new group policies have really made it a huge hassle to do business with them.

It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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