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Default So I Got a Call From a Carnival Rep. Yesterday..

A younger lady called me yesterday from Carnival. She asked if we were excited for our cruise this weekend and that it looked like all our ducks were in a row (paperworkwise). She then asks if we were cruising for a special ocasion. I told her yes it's our honeymoon. She then said well then this makes this offer that I'm about to tell you about even better!

She told me that they had just recently had a cancellation for one of their top suites and were offering it at a reduced price. Of course she had to talk about how nice of a room it was and what it all offered before she would give me the new price. Finally she got around to telling me how much extra it would cost me. $845 which was a savings of almost of $1000 over what the room would normally go for. I told her that we were not interested and we were'nt really planning on spending a ton of time in our rooms in the first place. Thats when I got the snobby "What?, really it's your honeymoon, are you sure?" I said yes I was sure but thanks for offering. This was followed by a snobby "OK then"

I'm not really complaining about it but at the same time the way her attitude was when I told her we werent interested wasnt very professional in my opinion. My wife and I lived together for almost 2 years before we got married so I don't consider the "honeymoon" as sexual as some may, and the way the lady responded bugged me some.

If it werent for the fact that I will be out of work for 3 months or so after the cruise due to needing back surgery I may have splurged and booked that room, but we plan on enjoying more of what the ship offers then the room.
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