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I am sad to hear there are no more midnight buffets. They were so amazing.

We have finalized our reservations for a private horseback ride (with Braco Stables, who seem to have pretty good reviews) on Jamaica and a Stingray City/snorkel catamaran tour on GC. We aren't really interested in the zip line - the money/time ratio is too high, plus we watched the youtube video and both just said... eh. We have both done zip lines before.

I heard that in Labadee all your food is taken care of by the cruise line? So theoretically, is it possible to just laze around the beach/ship and not spend any money? We may end up taking a short snorkel expedition there. When we went to Hawaii we snorkeled at least for a while every day we were there (5 days). Is there any advantage to booking ahead, or should we just wait till we are there and see what looks good? I'm assuming we can just use our ship cards there?

Yeah we have talked about doing some sort of scuba, but it is just so expensive and we are already spending a ton of money. My husband wants to do the dolphin thing, but that is also rather expensive, and I am bit concerned about the animal rights issues involved. That park does look nice. If you do a dolphin thing there, do you get admission to the park for the day?
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