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I have run into having my car searched for fruit just crossing state borders in the U.S. because they are afraid of transporting bugs within the fruit. That's the fear for countries, and it's mainly fruit or anything with fruit in it they seem to all not allow.

I took a apple the last morning as I was debarking the ship with me from breakfast my very first cruise and had already signed the customs form and never thought twice that I was breaking the law until later. I could have gotten into serious trouble. whew. I hear it is a serious fine to get caught.

sure, you can bring protein bars, or anything else that is sealed into a port. If it is sealed, there will be no problem, it will be allowed for sure.

I have a sister born with brain issues, and seizure issues I cruised with, and so we never planned ports ahead of time. We used the expression "having a bad day" when she was having seizures, and thats how I meant it when I was glossing over your issue. I deal day in and day out with a lot of people with a lot of serious health problems, so maybe I used too much of a euphemism. I did not mean it disrepectfully I promise. I am the person in my family who takes care of everyone and who copes with problems and who plans ahead. So, when I suggested planning ahead, that is me to a T, and how I am. I was just saying what I would do. Sorry it came across so poorly worded.
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