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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Rather than try and spend all the time searching them all myself, I'd have definitely contacted a travel agent... and let them do all the work,
Some of us LIKE doing the leg work though. I know a TA site I use for instance where I click on the port I want to leave from and it shows me all the options of available cruises. I only use that site for information, not booking .. but I have a lot of such sites bookmarked so that I can find things and search myself for almost anything I want by now.

I don't think there is any one right answer if its better to use a TA or book direct. My PVP says she is a dinosaur she has been there so long and she teaches a lot of the new hires. She used to always be in the top 10 PVPs until she had her baby. Now sometimes she is only in the top 25 PVPs at Carnival on their rating system. She is the first agent I have ever used who knows more than I do about Carnival .. and I love that. I did get her from a recommendation, and she was not the original one assigned to me. You do have to dig to find the right agents.

Thats why when someone says only use a travel agent, I know how great my PVP is when I want to book Carnival so I say BOTH can be good. These are the Carnival boards after all. I use someone else to book other lines.

I do now have a good TA, but in the past I used many TAs who I had to teach, who knew a lot less than I did about cruises. You have to search for a good agent, the same way as searching for a great PVP at Carnival.

There is no one right answer. I have heard a lot of other people who absolutely adore their PVPs at Carnival. So, there are others who are really really good. Since I do my own leg work and know what I want, I find it great to deal direct .. even if it is not for everyone.

I use both a TA and a PVP. I have never meet a agent who is better than my PVP and tell her all the time I wish I could book my RCL cruises through her, I love her that much. So, I will never agree, that it's the best answer for everyone that everyone only needs a TA and should never book direct.
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