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Default Noreaster Nightmare

So sorry for your experience on Princess. They left me in the Venice, Italy airport at 1:00 am once (despite having paid for transfers and notified them our
flight was delayed).

Most recently 11/6 I left San Diego for a Princess Greek Islands cruise. Had
to change planes at JFK for Venice, Italy. Landed in a blizzard (Noreaster). The airport was closed, all flights cancelled. The airline couldn't offer another flight for 3 days (no guarantees it would "go"). We slept on the floor with thousands of other angry people (my travelmate 93.5 yrs. old!). Next morning we went back to San Diego. The ship would have left Venice. No way we
could chase the ship all over the Mediter. trying to get on. The following day
I booked a 7 day Mexico cruise (left the next day), which saved our vacation.!

Princess gave me 100% cruise credit (but my friend only got 75% because
she's not "Platinum" on Princess). Unfortunately, now cruise rates are sky
high on Princess (and I don't want to cruise with them!). ugh
At least you have one year to use the cruise credit.

By the way, the day I cancelled the cruise (the day it was to begin), Princess
told me they'd have cancellations all day by people who couldn't get out of
New York (but I was the "first one with travel insurance"). They will
refund the tax & port fees (to your credit card).

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