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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Sadly, this is one issue alot of people don't understand when booking their air transportation through the cruise lines.

They cruise lines do not have the responsibility for your flights operated by the airlines, and do not guarantee that you'll get to the ship on time.

Sometimes the cruise line will assist in alternate flights to get you to the ship's next port of call; usually at an additional cost to you. But, it has been so long since I've used air through the cruise lines, that I can't say if that policy is still 100% accurate still.
Kuki, things have changed. Don't know about Princess & did not look it up, but RCL ChoiceAir does assist in these circumstances. Here is a cut & paste from RC website:

ChoiceAir: Assured Arrival gives you peace of mind by knowing, if and when flight schedules are disrupted, we're with you 24/7 working with our airline partners to rebook your flights. Royal Caribbean International will work with the airlines to get you to your port on an alternate flight, or if necessary, to the closest available port. While you travel
We'll continue to monitor flights to identify air travel disruptions that could jeopardize your timely arrival at the ship. If any flight disruptions or delays occur, we'll be prepared to assist you. In the event of a delay that causes you to miss your ship, we'll work with you and our airlines for 48 hours to find a reasonable alternative so you can meet up with your ship at the next port (when feasible). For complete peace of mind before and during your trip, consider CruiseCare, our vacation protection planIf there is a disruption to your cruise schedule that causes you to miss your return flight, we'll work with you and the airline to get you on another flight at no additional cost.

Used ChoiceAir 4 times and do not fly the day before anymore when schedules permit. Fortunetly, have not had to test it.

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