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Default Money Management

When some people talk about their “strategy” in the casino, what they are really talking about is “money management”, not the method of playing a particular game. In order to limit your losses, you need to have a disciplined approach to managing your funds in the casino.

My game is blackjack. I play basic strategy and bet a flat amount. On any given day I will limit my loss to ten times this bet. If I hit that amount, I am through for that day. If the session lasts an hour, I stop, since an hour is enough fun for me. On a two week cruise I’ll usually play about ten times, and usually hit my maximum loss once, on average. Sometimes I leave the table when I am on what appears to be a winning streak. When this occurs, I’ll get some puzzled looks from the other players.

I enjoy being at a table with bad players, since it increases the fun. I love the look on the dealer’s face when somebody splits a pair of fives. I say a hardy “thank you” to the bad players. If it wasn’t for their losses, the house just might have to tighten up the rules for the rest of us.

I agree with Kuki on playing slots.
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