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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

Might aswell put my twopenny's worth in!!!.In 2001 as a non-cruiser- and after days of arguing with my significant other,me threatening that if I didn't go somewhere on an airplane soon he would never see me again for dust!!we both sat down with little cards which we divided into 3 columns-sad or what?.Column 1.Places we would not be seen dead in.
Column 2.Places we might consider going to and the reasons why.Column 3.Places we definately wanted to go.
Cards were dutifully exchanged and what was the result,the only place we agreed on was Tuscany,cruising wasn't even mentioned!!.
Off we went to the T.A a supermarket type of place,I looked around for brochures on Italy,S.O turned up with a
Managers Special card in his hot sweaty little mitt which read.........Cruise.Dubai to Singapore Nov.2001,both places I desperately wanted to visit-within 30 mins the cruise was booked and as it was Saturday we couldn't get flights confirmed,that wasn't a problem 'cos by lunchtime Monday I had tripled the price of the cruise by booking us on Emirates!.'Legend of the Seas'-we knew the ship inside out by weekend,the hunt was on for cruise clothes,afternoon tea at 'Raffles'hat and matching French designer outfit,courtesy of local thrift store $35,Blazer and pants for the journey,designer again-courtesy of same thrift store ,etc, etc.Paul already had a Tux. because of his work.The cruise was cancelled October 2001,heartbroken for obvious reasons but determined by now to cruise we booked last minute on Celebrity 'Mercury' for the day after our original saildate.
Fellow cruisers we got talking with at the airport said we had made a big mistake by travelling on 'Mercury' for our first cruise,how right they were!!.
From the moment I set foot on this wonderful ship I knew what they had meant,I left a part of myself on that ship, dressing formally was any womans dream-coming down the staircase to dinner was like being at Tara(Gone with the Wind)!!
The opportunity to change your outfits to match the time of day was a pleasure and I cannot imagine any woman not wanting to do this,yes 'Celebrity'is certainly an upscale line,some of the travellers may be millionaires,some may be hard working everyday folks like us who have found the key to happiness simply by saving hard for our cruises,buying cruise style clothes in T.Maxx and such stores and going with the flow,if we wanted to spend 14 days in shorts and tee's we would go Carnival,Disney,NCL etc.We are know hooked for life so any one on 'Infinity'Jan 2004 you will recognise us by the slightly demented look on our faces of pure happiness.
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