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Good morning everyone.

It's been a fun couple of days around here. I'm still fighting this pneumonia but it is getting better. The bad part was that on Monday morning I had a grand mal seizure. Not fun. I have the partial seizures and I've learned to live with them but the full blown ones aren't fun and I have little memory of most of Monday.

The neurologist believes that the seizure was brought on because of the illness and isn't too worried about a recurrence. He has increased my seizure meds and I feel like a gorked zombie. He does feel that if I go seizure free for the next seven days then I will be able to go on the cruise but I will have to make sure I get plenty of rest. I will stay on the higher dosage of meds for the next three weeks. Gee: I wonder if I'll remember the cruise.

Happy Birthday to Jessica: I hope that she is having a wonderful 29th.

Manuel: The ABS problem is probably a fuse or sensor. It's good to get it taken care of as soon as you can. I can never understand people who drive around with the "Check Engine", or other warning light on, for miles and miles and then wonder why their car goes to heck.

Nothing on the agenda for today. I'm still "confined to quarters" so there isn't too much I can get up to.

I wish everyone a great day.

Take care,
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