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Default JAP interview for Princess with Zest. Any advice?

Hi Everyone!

I've been offer to take up the ' Junior Assistant Purser ' for Princess Cruise by Zest Recruitment.

I've done my first interview with them and I'm looking forward for my second interview next Thursday. I'm very nervous of cause and I wish to know if anyone have been through interview with Zest Recruitment and got selected. I also like to know the percentage to being hired by Princess through an agency.

I'm 22 from Singapore, I have a diploma in business and I've a lot of customer service experience in my life working mainly in the tourism(island resort) field and recently my current job as a ground handling(Customer service officer) staff for Singapore Airlines. So I would say I've a lot experience dealing with customers and passengers.
I've probably only a year plus experience in hotel and had help out St. Regis hotel as Guest Service Agent and Butler before for a few months. Mandarin is my mother tongue so that's the additional language I have.

I dont know how I will fair in the Cruise industry as I believe there are other candidates who have more experience in the hotel industry then I do. How do you guys think about my chances?

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