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Good morning everyone from sunny Miami.

It's a beautiful day here. We are going accross the street for breakfast as soon as Betty finishes making herself "more" beautiful.

We are going to meet up with a couple of friends on Imagination who booked at the last minute. It should be fun.

In regard to the credit card. It wasn't Carnival's fault. It could have been any time I used the card in the last year. Card numbers and names are bought and sold like a commodity and it's almost impossible to "narrow" it down to a specific place. My daughter's reputation took a hit because someone speculated that she was the one who hacked his credit card and made sure everyone knew about it. Of course it wasn't her but that kind of speculation can hurt a small business.

Well: It's almost time to see what a four day cruise and an outside cabin are like. I wish everyone a great Monday and a wonderful week.

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