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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?


This wasn't an advertisement that I saw. It is from pricing cruises.

For example, on the 3 January 2004 Eastern Caribbean sailing of HAL's Zuiderdam you can get on the boat for $700 even. On RCI's Navigator of the Seas you can save a few bucks and get on for $632. If you leave a day later on the 4th on Celebrity's Millennium it's even cheaper at $616! And this is supposed to be the "premium" line.

But continuing... lowest price options are in bold.

Outside cabin
Zuiderdam - $867
Navigator - $795
Millennium - $685

Balcony cabin
Zuiderdam - $1014
Navigator - $925
Millennium - $816

Bottom Suite
[/b]Zuiderdam - $1412[/b]
Navigator - $1631
Millennium - $1761

Top Suite
[/b]Zuiderdam - $3868[/b]
Navigator - $4913
Millennium - n/a

If you notice the trend, the two "premium" lines have the cheapest rates when compared to the mass market RCI.

Hmmm... so... it costs less to get a premium product apparently.
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