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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

The key word here is "CHOICE". We have so many different cruise lines to CHOOSE
from, offering different styles and ambiance in cruising as well as freestyle, personal
choice or traditional dining. It is up to us INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES to pick and
choose the right cruise by doing the research. It is YOUR vacation and you can
do whatever you want as long as that cruise you choose is the right one for you!

I for one, enjoy many different cruise styles. I have enjoyed Carnival's cruises,
Holland America and NCL. Obviously Holland America is a cut above Carnival
and NCL and I enjoyed the little extra pampering and the more formal ambiance.
But I also enjoyed the casual, fun atmosphere offered by Carnival and NCL. It
really comes down to what my husband and I are in the mood for at the time of
booking our cruise. For example, when we booked Holland America, we had
just suffered a tremendous family crisis and by the time it was over, we were
ready for a lot of pampering and a little first class treatment and we felt we got

So, be sure you know yourself and what you want in a cruise or any vacation for
that matter-- do the research and book accordingly. Then you'll likely will have
a positive and memorable vacation experience!

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