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Good Morning (afternoon for some) cruisemates!

I've been "missing in action" for a few weeks. Life has been busy, and nonsensical issues to deal with. Hoping all that "stuff" is falling into place.

Weather in Arizona has been interesting. In the month of Jan. we had one day of record cold, one day of record heat, and one day of record rain.

This past week has been beautiful, with temps in the 70s. But a cold front, with more rain likely, moving in for this weekend. No snowmegedon though.

I've been taking out my frustrtations on plenty of golf balls, and next week have a bunch of friends coming to town, so there'll probably be more of that in my future.

I have to start taking pictures of some of the spectacular golf courses I've managed to play here. It's a good thing making friends with people who are members at private courses

Hope all those in the northeast survive the coming snowstorm safely, and thinking good thoughts for Keith.
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