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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
Thanks, Mike & lorsin - great information!

This has been on our bucket list for many years and never thought it would happen, but this is a deal we couldn't pass up.

Did you find it easy to use the ATM's to get Hong Kong Dollars?

And what did you find was something you had to buy while there?


Bank ATM machines are plentiful and easy to use. Use a bank machine and not one that is not affiliated with a bank. i.e. the grocery store generic ATM.

We brought back: Silk Robes, Silk Duvet, Women's clothing and we brought back a few extra pounds from eating. There are many legitimate small shopping areas with vendors selling good products. There is one just a block from the Sheraton/Penninuslar hotels. The entrance is right near the Outback Steakhouse sign. It is a maze of stalls but there are some deals to be found.

Where you dock is basically a large shopping center but it is just like any shopping center/mall you would find anywhere in the U.S. and there aren't too many deals but there are a few interesting stores.

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