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First of all, not being there, I have no idea of what the conditions really are but, here's a couple of statements I've heard that make me wonder :
Onion Sandwiches ??? Gimme a break!
Setting up tents? Like Paul said --where did the tents come from? After 40+ cruises, I've never seen a tent on a ship.
No food?? At least 3 other Carnival ships have delivered food to the Triumph. The Coast Guard is along side and to date, they have not been asked for food nor medical help so apparently no one is starving.
Anyone never eat cold weenies or sandwiches at home?? Again, onion and cucumber sandwiches?? My God--I have to question this.

And, as regards to Carnival handling the problem, I can imagine having to try to make last minute arrangements for thousands of people via Air and ground transportation, especially with the attitude some of the people must surely be displaying.
But too, I have to say, I watched Jerry Cahill give a short spiel re / the situation and in all honesty, he did more harm than good--Carnival should have had anyone but him give out the information--I have my doubts about his ability as a CEO.
I imagine when the ship does dock, the lawyers will be lined up at the dock waving signs and no doubt, the media will be there by the dozens, seeking out the passengers with the worst comments that they possibly can find.
Yes, it was an accident that ruined a lot of peoples vacations. Accidents happen--that's life--luckily in this case no one was hurt nor killed. It could have been much, much worse.
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