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I was at the Carnival Splendor when it arrived and it was a "media circus" - I was among those camped out and the first person I happened to talk to said she had a ball and that the staff was amazing.

But in that situation we were already hearing about the staff handing food up the stairways long before the ship docked. There was news coming out from the ship all the time.

We know there has to be communication from ship to Carnival's HQ - so if the situation is that bad - why wouldn't carnival be doing something about it? They could drop off pails & mops.

The answer is this - they ARE doing something about it. The crew is not all assembled on there little piece of open deck smoking cigarettes. They are cleaning a "sewage" off the walls. They are preparing food, etc.

I do expect to hear about some unruly passengers, and the "alcohol" thing is not clear. There are reports that they are not serving alcohol, but they did on Splendor and it seems to me that didn't hurt anything.

Once again - Carnival needs to be more out front on this. But knowing Cahill, he is probably more concerned with logistics right now than PR.
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