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It was quite a night watching CNN with their subtitles about the cruise. I have no doubt about the smell, and of course the reporters on the dock said they smelled it (really?). Did anyone ever report why the sewerage was there? No. Some did report it was worse in some areas, especially one side of the dining room. Sufficient food was delivered by 3 ships, I believe it was Legend, Elation, and Conquest. People were hoarding leaving small rations for the end of the line. People said it took 3 hours to get a hamburger. I can see that. Probably the burgers were delivered, but had to be cooked on the barbeque (I'm visualizing the lanai barbeque on Dream). Some said the upper deck was cleaned up for the T.V. cameras, but they were asked to remove the sheet tents for the delivery helicopter safety. Also, they were not expected to be there another night (plus it was getting colder as they approach their target area). Same with cleaning. It began after the last generator was delivered to provide power.
Was it a cruise from Hell? Who am I to say? I didn't get to see it nor smell it nor sleep there. I do believe it was handled the best it could be and that was keeping the passengers safe instead of what some passengers thought "should be done".
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