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Default First Cruise, How can I enjoy myself.

Hello everyone. I want to start off by saying I know I can come off as a bit of a "douchebag" so please refrain from calling me that again. Me and my girlfriend are going on a cruise. The ship is named- Allure of the seas. Now- I personally grew up in a very wealthy family. My entire life my vacations have been very exclusive. Yacht trips in Asia and the African coast. Casino's in Monte Carlo, Private beaches and islands. I have never really been on the so called "Mid-class" Vacation. My friend who has been on one refers to cruises as a prison at sea, with lack of culture, good food. and full of ignorant people who are so arrogant that they believe they are enjoying themselves for the shear fact its the only thing they can afford. (I know hes an *******). For the sake of my lover, I want to enjoy myself. But I am a tad bit scared I am not going to. I hear the food is horrible and nothing near gourmet, and the activities are more directed at children rather than adults. Personally. I like to Drink and smoke while wasting my money at black jack or a intense poker game while away. I know cruises have casinos. But I hear they are nothing to compare to the ones in Monte Carlo. Or even Las Vegas. Also I like to wear suits. All the time. Haha, I am a huge suit fan and tuxedos at night. Is that appropriate attire for a cruise im scared a child will spill something on me. Next I like to be free, I am not one for following schedules. When I go away I like to go into town meet the locals for example when I was in Hati last year I went to a small town and played soccer with some children there and later had some drinks with some people. Soaked in the culture and lifestyle. My friend has told me cruises are nothing like that, The only "locals" there are trying to scam you out of money and the only traveling you can really do is with groups of people from the cruise. its like you never left America! He's american Im British haha. I am a bit worried im not going to enjoy myself. But in fact this is more a vacation for my girlfriend and I dont want to be a drag what activities on board would be suited for someone of my tastes
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