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Good morning Gang.

Bob, I hope the week doesn't drag.

TM, good for you. I hope you and Mrs. TM will enjoy your time there in March.

CQ, I hope the training gows well.

LF, I hope you have a nice week.

Kat looks to be enjoying her new project. Our Kat is a talented person.

Well, my mom is deathly sick again. I hope that she's just got the GI bug that's going up there. I'm really worried though that the ruptured hernia has ruptured again as she has unhealthy body tissue. That particular hernia hernia had been repaired before and should not have ruptured. The doctor told her it might do this.

To add to my stress is my brother's attitude. My mom is a handful to be sure but my brother pretty much hates her and cops an attitude all of the time. He seems to have no sympathy, ever. Mom has a right to be scared to death right now but he's acting like she's a drama queen. Sometimes I want to just shake him senseless.

So, that's my news.
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