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I'll probably be flamed but I have to say that the average cruiser is not prepared for little, if any, adversity.

A local woman was on tonight's local news and told of her "ordeal". She was reduced to an animal because she had to "poop in a plastic bag".

I'm sorry but I know a number of people who are very similar to this. They would find such a "terrible" thing to be totally humiliating and demoralizing.

This is what I mean when people are tourists and travelers.

I'm sorry but the conditions on the Triumph were bad and I feel for all on board but people have had to endure far worse. Crap happens and if the worst you have to live with in your life is eating onion sandwiches and pooping in a plastic bag for five days then you have it pretty darn lucky.

No: I would not be happy with that cruise and I would expect a full refund and a refund of my non-refundable expenses but unless there was pure negligence on the part of Carnival, I would be happy with the reimbursement.

I have to say that most cruisers are not of a mindset or ability to handle adversity.

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