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The Blue Iguana Cantina is Mexican food and free if you are on a ship with 2.0.

There is also a bar with that name that others are talking about that on Conquest was located very close to the Cantina that had free food.

The Blue Iguana Cantina, has breakfast burritoes and soft tacos and a condiment bar that had good watermelon all last week on Conquest. It was where I hit to get my dessert. Lots of good condiments there. I wasnt so crazy about soft tacos, they were too spicy for me, but I prefer crunchy tacos. tacos you choose fish, chicken or pork and they put the spicy meat on a soft taco and you finish it up at the condiment bar. they also made buritoes.

At Noon it switches over to a lunch menu from the breakfast menu.

It is free to eat there for lunch or breakfast. It closed later in the day for dinner.
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