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Good Morning
A bright and sunny day here but still cold, how I long for some temps in the 60's.
D/S and I have been trolling online for scholarship for D/S in hope of getting a little extra cash for college, it seems we're the only parents who refuse to send him to a $50.000 a year school and are discouraging him in taking on a load of student debt. I must be missing something that all my friends kids are going to these expensive school strictly on loans, maybe we're wrong but I don't think so, especially when he has no clue what he's wants to be.

Not too much going on here.

Donna....Happy to hear your all better.

Manuel.... It is the happiest place on earth after all...have fun!

Trip...Yes time does sure fly, have fun at your lunch.

Sue... I like your way of thinking, we too are one day closer!
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