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Your cruise is further out than ours, and our ship is actually one of the ships with issues right now. Honestly, your opinions also crossed my mind as well..briefly. We have a lot of planning in our trip, and people coming from accross Canada to see us get married on Carnival Dream and we are too far into it to consider changing it. Our opinion is essentially, "We can't stay home because something might happen". You honestly can't live your live that way based on the, "What if" factor. Years ago, my father and I were in two mosse vehicle accidents, 13 months apart, before I even had a driver's license. There were many conversations between my father and his friends and one day my father said, "You can't stay off the roads because there are moose in the woods." Several years later I realized how right that statement actually was, despite the fact that I don't think my father's intentions were to say something so enlightening

With that being said, this should be a wake up call to step up, re-evaluate maintenance procedures, find the root causes, whether they be staff related, maintenance related, or possibly even related to defective manufacturer parts.

My suggestion is at least wait a few weeks, month or more. Don't overreact right now, wait for more information, and see where Carnival goes from here.

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