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Originally Posted by naturist View Post
Donna, I agree with you 100%. Our problem is we cruise with 3 different lines and have these certificates with all of them. The funny thing is, on Princess (owned by Carnival) they are good for 5 years still and they will refund anytime or renew them for another 5 year period. You would think they would keep the policy the same with all there divisions. I bet they sold alot of these during spring break time only to have the buyer lose or forget about them. More money for Carnival
I know when we were on the Conquest in Set 12 we were told that they would not offer them any longer after this cruise, but we were told when they pitched them that 1. they are good for 5 years 2. if you want you can cash them out for the 100 3. they are good for any cruise but can use only on per if I were you I would contact them and inform them their own sales people sell it this way and you don't get the certificate until a day later and that certificate was always supposed to be refundable...
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