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Default What would you do ?


You worked for a company for 30 years ,nobody has worked there longer than you have . You are number 3 in the hierachy and have more responsibilities than anyone except the number 1 person .
One day you are called into the office of #1 and are told that for economic reasons you are being laid off . A few weeks later you find out that your job has been taken by a person who worked directly for you . There is inference among the company employees that the person slept with the #1 person to obtain your job . You have trouble believing this as this person was a good friend for the past 10 years both in the confines of the company as well as outside .

What would you do ?

a) Confront the person

b)Confront your former boss

c)Confront both

d) Do absolutely nothing

e) Write a novel based on this but first post something on a message board requesting feedback .
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