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Originally Posted by Kamloops Cruiser View Post
I most ports you'll have to pay to get to the beach . If your a first or novice cruiser I would probably use ship excursions. If you are confident there are a number of private companies that have the same excursions for less. Check the Meet on Board forums for your specific cruise , someone might have a private group forming a excursion.
I have never paid for the beach. Many ports have free beaches, some by law the country requires it and others seem to make their money by selling food, drinks, snorkeling gear etc though these purchases are not required. One time I had to pay for a taxi to get to the beach which is what I am trying to avoid and one time I paid for an excursion but many ports have beaches either walking distance or an inexpensive local bus ride. So what Im trying to figure out is which ports specifically have this and which ports do not.
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