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Originally Posted by OldFartCruiser View Post
You was talking about returning to FL ports for the day. Now you changed to any B2B over 10 days each. We are seasoned cruisers over 2 years onboard. Also do 1 or 2 B2B Medit & TA each year for 27 or 28 days. Have been to Barcelona, London, Civit. numerous times and don't get tired or feel cheated for the return trip to those ports between sailings. Do not hear pax complaining about a return as no one complains of returning to FL.

Except for exortic cruises, seasoned cruisers cruise for the cruise not the ports. We pick routine cruisers (incl TA) by price & ship, not itinerary. Most Carib. Islands we stay onboard, so it does not matter if the ship is in FL.

As I mentioned earlier, I think you are talking for yourself, not the seasoned cruisers.

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Oh I wouldn't mind returning to a home port in Spain, London or Italy either since I never get the chance to explore those ports in any great detail but when I return to Ft Lauderdale in the middle of a B2B cruise I do feel shortchanged. I go to Ft Lauderdale and Miami quite often for various reasons & there's nothing new for me in either place.
I also have heard many people that were not happy about spending a day in Florida when they could have been at some new & distant port in the Caribbean. If you're satisfied stopping in Ft Lauderdale in the middle of B2B's then Princess should satisfy you since there are hardly any more long cruises like in past years.
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