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I love to write. So here's now I would handle this. The man who was fired hired a lawyer. While at the appointment he see his beautiful female co worker who was fired a week before him at the same office. The lawyer takes his money, but it turns out the lawyer is friends with the evil CEO and never takes the case to court while eating into the man's reserve money for fake lawyer's fees and expenses. Distressed the man goes to a bar and meets the beautiful female co-worker. Since he is a bit tipsy he finally has the courage to buy her a drink. Turns out she was fired because the boss made a move on her and she rejected him. The lawyer did the same thing to her and now she is jobless, broke and about to lose her place. That's when he discovers his friend, who is also a single mother and couldn't afford the job, don't sleep with the boss to take his job she slept with him because she knew she would be fired if she didn't. So the three of them stage a coup to get not only the evil CEO but the corrupted lawyer as well. I could have so real fun with this story.
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