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Default First time seeking cruisemate

Hi, I'm John living in Southern California, near Pasadena. I'm gay, single, Vietnamese, and 38 y.o. (might as well get used to that as I'll be turning it during April 2013). I've exhausted my list of friends and coworkers trying to recruit folks to join me on cruises while sharing the cost of the stateroom. The people I know and who can't go are typically coupled (gay and straight), have children (the 2 and 4 legged kind), don't have enough vacation time, and/or don't have the budget for the cruises I'd like to go on.

I'd been reluctant to reach out on the internet to find a cruisemate, preferring to go with someone I already knew, but that's just meant me NOT going on cruises all of these years. During January 2013, I resolved to pay the single passenger supplement just to go on a cruise again. I booked myself on the 2 week Celebrity Millennium to South East Asia in February. As a FUTILE attempt to still save money AFTER booking my cabin and flight, I sent an e-mail and text message blast out to those same friends and coworkers and LUCKILY got 1 person willing to go with me. This was our first time traveling together and turned out nicely. But it's only fanned the flames for me to go on MORE cruises!

Still not wanting to pay the supplement to have a cabin to myself, I'm finally taking my first step on I'm open to sharing a room with either a man or woman, no age specification. I'm a non-smoker, non-drug user, seldom drink, and mild to moderate snorer. I'm content just sharing a room with someone trustworthy to save on costs and each person doing separate things, or if there's a connection, we can plan things to do together during the cruise.

I've already booked two cruises for 2013 and 2014: Halloween 2013 starting in New Orleans on NCL for 7 nights with Aquafest LGBT travel group (LOOKING FOR A ROOMMATE) and Panama Canal March 2013 starting in Miami on Celebrity for 15 nights (already have a roommate).

If I am able to find a last minute roommate, I'd LOVE to book the 11-night British Isles cruise through Celebrity visiting England, France, Scotland and Ireland leaving on June 3rd, 2013. The same itinerary is also available for 8/5/13 and 8/26/13.
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