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Originally Posted by killioj View Post
Hi All!

My husband and I are going on our first cruise this summer, to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary! We're cruising on the Golden Princess to Alaska.

I was curious if anyone knows if it's better to book excursions in advance, or while you are on the ship.

I had a friend cruise Carnival to Mexico and she said that there were 3x as many excursion options on board, then there were on the website prior to the cruise.

I wonder if that is the same, or different with Princess. And if it's cheaper to book in advance, or wait?


Just got off the Golden Princess in Feb 2013. Great ship - you will enjoy the cruise. I would look at what they are offering and if you see some you would like to go on - by all means book them early. The hot ones are sold out before the cruise leaves. If you want to wait until you board, know what side trips you want to see and book them as soon as you can - the first day or next to insure you can get them. This ship carries I believe over 2900 passengers so the chance of not getting a spot on this trip can be certain.
Enjoy this trip - great itenary.

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