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Very similar experience- my guy was from Spain! We too continue to Skype every day and are still together. Lucky enough, he moved into the same State as me! I totally agree- he's my first love, and falling in love on a cruise is the most beautiful thing I've experienced, BETTER than any dream... you feel like a princess and he's a prince waiting at every corner. Not to mention the "Staff" as your servants. Ever the passengers treated me like a queen! His friends all said I was beautiful too. Worshiped, served, travelled, and found a first love? PERFECT

And I tricked a South African staffer out to have lunch at the lunch gazebo thing on the private island before I met the BF. (Tricked as in I'm underaged) Left before we ever touched. Next to MY boyfriend, definitely one of the hottest guys I've ever met and had a BEAUTIFUL accent. He went swimming and lended me his diving mask. Closest to kissing him I would let myself get! !
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