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Default What would encourage you to purchase a cruise?

We're always seeing cruise lines offering specials for a 'limited time only' that include a 'free upgrade', reduced fare, or onboard credit as a way of encouraging sales.

We know that most of the time the 'free upgrade' is simply an upgrade from one category of inside cabin to a different category of inside cabin (or oceanview to oceanview, or balcony to balcony), but sometimes it can be an upgrade from an inside to oceanview or oceanview to balcony.

Keep in mind that it really doesn't cost them any money to offer 'free upgrades' because they're getting you to spend the same amount. But does this really encourage an increase in sales or do you think more people would be encouraged to buy a cruise if they were offered a reduced rate? Then again, forget the free upgrade and the reduced fare, how about if they offered onboard credit? With free onboard credit of course, the fare remains the same.

So, if the dollar value was exactly the same between the three, the question is which limited special do you think has a greater impact on stimulating sales; getting a 'free upgrade', reducing the fare, or getting onboard credit?

Let us know how you feel! (And no, you can't select more than one!!)

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