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It is an unfortunate commentary on today's society, but the fact is a vast majority of juries in lawsuits only see a big company with deep pockets and the poor pitiful complainant and don't pay attention to the facts.

A friend of mine was on a jury where a woman sued the local phone company because she walked into their office door and broke her nose. She was yakking on a cell phone and not paying attention. The door was clearly marked, etc., and it was, to him, an 'open and shut case' if you pardon the pun. So they get in in the jury room and everyone agrees Bellsouth wasn't at fault. But then a couple of the jurors said 'well, we still ought to give her something for her trouble, they can afford it'. He was aghast. In the end he prevailed (very large and intimidating man) and the woman didn't get a penny, but still it happens every day and we end up paying for it.
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